Jami Taback

and Morningstar Press

World Trade Center

Ever since I can remember, I have been happiest while drawing and painting. Exploring shapes, positioning them with the magic of color and line, has been an obsession of mine for a long time. My excitement builds when the sights and sounds of the streets of New York City come into play. For over 20 years, I have been escorting tourists from other countries, as well as native New Yorkers, to The World Trade Towers and Financial Center. The expressions of awe on their faces show me time and again, just how amazing the sight is. Their open expressions burn in my eyes right now.

More recently, I was delighted to take tour groups to The Riverside Church all the way uptown on 125th Street and Riverside Drive. After the tour of the magnificent church, we were invited up to the 20th floor. What was the attraction? It was the stunning view, on the most beautiful day imaginable, of The World Trade Towers, majestically anchoring Lower Manhattan with their regal posture and height! That day's excitement lives on in my heart today.

I will forever miss those magnificent towers. In better times I have searched for them, to help direct me, finding comfort in their presence. I will search longingly for them-morning, noon and night. Pictures of the skyline only show me what is missing, my compass -'my World Trade Towers. * Accompanying this article are drawings on paper with colored pencil and pastel. Each image is 20" X 25"

The drawings express my love for The World Trade Towers, strictly from a visual point of view, setting aside my personal political views. They represent the repeated images shown over and over again on the television, which will most likely remain emblazoned inside my head for the rest of my life.

JamiTaback, September, 11, 2002