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Jami Taback has a unique way of understanding the artists intentions while helping the student to arrive at the best solution to their idea-resulting in lively vibrant works of art on paper!

Teaching workshops from NY to California

Do you have studio space to sponsor a workshop with the artist?

MONOPRINTing: lasting impressions

Let your mind and body wander while allowing dreamlike imagery spontaneously for unique painterly prints. Elegant results.

This workshop is perfect for artists who love to draw and paint. Monoprints incorporate craft(wo)manship, painting and printmaking. Draw and paint with brushes, rollers and palette knives and create textures- use found objects to bring out a dreamlike atmosphere in your print. Monoprinting is one of the most unpredictable and exciting forms of art. Create one of a kind prints that resemble a painting more than a print.

This workshop helps to unlock the creative blocks artists might experience on any level.

If you love to draw you will find freedom using these techniques, expand your color sense and bring your imagery to a higher level. All levels of experience are welcome.

Includes: One 9 x 12 inch surface to work on and ink, rollers and brushes. Some paper will be available however always best to bring your own. I recommend paper from a Mixed-Media Pad (Canson has one called XL). Paper should be larger than the 9 x 12 inch surface.


with Jami Taback

Join Jami Taback in this exciting exploration of Solarplate, a safer alternative high-quality printmaking process that uses sunlight and water instead of toxic chemicals.

This adventure leads you to uncharted territories of your artist’s soul and takes you to a free place of drawing and dreaming to release you from past boundaries.

Tapping into the mysteries of your creative potential on a 4 x 5 inch or 8 x 10 inch surface, you have the opportunity to print several prints in brilliant colorful expressions. Plates work for letterpress as well as Intaglio Printmaking and are extremely durable and versatile. No printmaking experience is necessary. 

Non-toxic inks wash with soap and water!

*Photographers are attracted to these workshops to have photogravure plates to print up-

*Fiber Artists. Wearable Art Artists enjoy printing on fabrics, Stunning results.


Chemical-Free Etching for All Ages

2 days, 2 ways, 2 instructors!

Join Jami Taback and Tiana Krahn in exploring different ways to create a printing plate and finished prints

Non-Toxic and Chemical-free
Age 12 and up
Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm
Includes templates and inks


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