Jami Taback

and Morningstar Press

Tug of War, Stone Voices Magazine Spread

In the series of seven monoprints titled, Tug of War, I search for answers to a war, which embodies my religious and spiritual upbringing as a young Jewish woman living in New York in the 1950’s, to present day. While the war in Vietnam influenced my youth, conflicts in the Middle East defined my life. Conflicts are seen in the tension between each figure in the prints, both compositionally as well as with use of color. The figures are equal in size and color hue, showing that we share the same desires for peace. The colors are vibrant and exhilarating, revealing the true inner spirit of each figure, in a battle of enormous challenge. In the prints, I apply more than one process, with layering of fine Asian papers, allowing a powerful veiling effect to occur.  I try to convey a sense of peacefulness and deception in these works, in the hopes that the viewer will experience deep contemplation.

More recently, new images have entered my visual vocabulary. Recurrent dreams have filled my sleep forcing their way into my daily work. They are dreamy, yet familiar. The empyrean experience is explored further with the introduction of otherworldly people into the image. Cosmic Interlude, Star Gazers and Cosmic Oasis; copper plate etchings, are about the future and the past, the place where two energies come together, where spirit meets soul searcher, and where physical beings might interchange or superimpose. A couple becomes one biological factor.