Jami Taback

and Morningstar Press


All artists try to bring the light and illumination from a scene before them to the paper or canvas they are working on. To bring that light to your work is the supreme effort and accomplishment. The following works of art, consisting of monoprints, etchings, drawings and mixed medium, affirm my interests in illumination as it applies to the heavenly bodies, man made pyrotechnic displays and unusual cosmic events.

This body of work represents some of the visual beauty experienced while visiting major cities around the world. I have been interested in fireworks displays and the excitement of the colors and spectacles taking place at these many festivals. The sheer delight at these illuminations in the black sky, and these wonderful explosions of colors provide endless wonder for me. Fireworks represent the zodiac to me, the mystical compass that explodes the spirit-the direction I want to go.

In Celebration I and II, monoprints incorporate more than one printmaking process, which allows a powerful veiling effect to occur. This approach offers the viewer a feeling of peacefulness and deception at the same time.