Jami Taback

and Morningstar Press

Bridge to Mars

This body of work is my “Bridge Series”. It came to be when I viewed Mars, the Red Planet, through a telescope this past summer. The extraordinary experience prompted me to revisit a subject matter I hold dear to my heart-the celestials. Balancing the heavenly bodies with the present state of our world both socially and politically motivated me to develop a series of prints on ‘World Peace”.
These works on paper incorporate more than one printing process allowing a veiling effect to occur. This approach offers the viewer a feeling of peacefulness and deception at the same time.
I usually produce my art in a series or as a contained body of work. This way I can explore the shapes and colors by changing the composition again and again, remaining true to the subject. There are moments of spontaneity within the plan.
Artist’s Statement, 2003