Jami Taback

and Morningstar Press

Boxing Project

The martial arts may not seem like the obvious path to a life of responsibility. However, in the time I have been involved in this project, it has become abundantly clear that some of the boys living “on the edge” of society are willing to spend their time at various gyms in the communities where boxing programs are available, so this is a viable place for them to acquire the skills and disciplines that the martial arts provide, all under supervision to provide safety regulation. So, organizations with after school programs are a valuable haven for urban refugees who would otherwise be more vulnerable to all the threats and dangers on the street. My art represents the youths from the training aspect; an honest view without glamorization, which makes it rather unique compared to other sports-themed artwork.

As a painter, I tend to respond with painterly thoughts, so, even though I am innately pacifistic, my mind turned to the possibilities of presenting the situation as a body of work on canvas and paper. The artworks garner public attention and focus a social consciousness on the problems faced by so many of our urban youths growing up without direction.