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Very pleased to let you know I am a recipient of a grant from The Dream Center of Santa Rosa, CA. which offers shelter to those in need.  I will be bringing my program, Adventures in Printmaking to the teenagers this summer. Museum hopping, printmaking and a Public Mural in front of the center is the task at hand. This has been an ongoing program in its 7th year beginning at several shelters in Queens, NY and NYC and now extending to California.


I will continue to teach workshops up and down the coast listed below

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Print Paper Fusion       Learn a process of fusing several prints into your own uniquely crafted paper. With a few printmaking skills I can guide you through a way to embellish your papers with your own colorful images in a personal exploration…with endless results derived from prints created during the workshop. Students take away 4-5 quality prints

July 23, 24         Mendocino Center for the Arts (2-day intensive)   707.937.5818 x 10

October 22        Healdsburg Center for the Arts    707.431.1970 1 day


June 11 Healdsburg Center for the Arts – Think Ink Lecture and Viscosity Demo      3 hour intensive lecture and demonstration about the properties, personalities and character of ink. Why does ink act the way it does, how to alter it to fit the medium you are working in. What do you think about when choosing ink and paper for a project? After this class you will be able to carry on a dialogue with yourself that is both scholarly and academic to help in these decisions. Paper, brayers, solvents, oils and other mediums such as transparency, thickening agents and extenders will be covered in this talk.


June 20-24   Children’s Camp at The Charles Schulz Museum-Printing 3 ways, papermaking and learning how to look at art and have your own art exhibit! Teens from 1-4:30pm for 5 days.

Coming soon– ***Extra Special Programs***, “Adventures for Kids in Shelters”    The Dream Center, Santa Rosa, Printing, Museum Hopping and a Public Mural!

Non-toxic, water soluble, scent-free environment


Affiliations: California Society of Printmakers, North Bay Letterpress Arts (formerly IOTA Press),

Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Mendocino Center for the Art

The Charles Schulz Museum 



Current & Upcoming Exhibitions




Sometimes Books

Pt. Reyes, CA. through May Reception March 13th, 2-5pm


Nichols Gallery at Mendocino Arts Center

Instructor’s Showcase            April 1-30th      Reception April 9th, 5-8pm


Kitty Hawk Gallery on Main Street in Sebastopol   June 1-30       Reception June 10th, 5-8pm


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ˈCHədər,ˈCHädˌôr/ chad·or


a large piece of cloth that is wrapped around the head and upper body leaving only the face exposed, worn especially by Muslim women.

Pastel 20 X 16 inches on Canson Tinted Paper
Pastel 20 X 16 inches on Canson Tinted Paper
Pastel 20 X 16 inches on Canson Tinted paper
Pastel 20 X 16 inches on Canson Tinted paper

Having been interested in the chador for a long time in that it covers the senses leaving the eyes to convey intelligence and ideas-all through expression. Mouth covered stifling speech through that sensory. Pushing it out by way of the eyes. What if we cover the eyes and leave the mouth and ears or ears and eyes unveiled? For me the stifling of expression begins with this veil. Parts of facial features, pieces of sections of the senses…cut out-replaced-re assigned….

My technique incorporates more than one printmaking process, which allows a powerful veiling effect to occur.  The first print is created on BFK Rives, 270 gsm print making paper, soaked in water for about 20 minutes. The second print, an overlay to the first, is on Thai Unryu, a dampened, fine Asian fibered paper. This approach offers the viewer a feeling of peacefulness and deception at the same time.


At first carefully placed small applications of the mulberry paper were assigned to parts of…but soon became the entire veil-from Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil…a body of work developed attending to this visual phenomenon.

I usually produce my art in a series or as a contained body of work. This way I can explore the shapes and colors by changing the composition again and again, remaining true to the subject. There are moments of spontaneity within the plan.

Interests in Middle Eastern Art and its Persian and Islamic influences are reflected in this work.  I am also influenced by extensive travels throughout the world – specifically to view other cultures and do research for my art.



Covering up

The khimar is a long, cape-like veil that hangs down to just above the waist. It covers the hair, neck and shoulders completely, but leaves the face clear.

The chador, worn by many Iranian women when outside the house, is a full-body cloak. It is often accompanied by a smaller headscarf underneath.

Beginning in 1980, a year after the revolution, the new government of Iran began to enforce wearing of the headscarf. The code was enforced most strictly in the years immediately following the revolution. With the cooling of revolutionary enthusiasm and increasing popular disenchantment with the new government, the rules of hijab have been largely eroded, in many ways only being a technicality among some women, who wear headscarves so far back on their heads it barely covers it, and often combined with a significant amount of makeup.

During the reign of the Shah of Iran, such traditional clothing was largely discarded by the wealthier urban upper-class women in favor of modernity for western clothing, although women in small towns and villages continued to wear the chador.

Painting 42 X 36 inches
Painting 42 X 36 inches
Painting 36 X 40 inches
Painting 36 X 40 inches

Jami Taback Upcoming Workshops


When: January 23, 2016

Where: Sebastopol Center for the Arts

What: Paper Fusion Workshop 

Fee: $140.00 + $25.00 for materials

Bridge to Mars

Martian Spring, 22 X 30 inches,

Monoprint with Fused Paper

Learn a process of fusing several prints into your own uniquely crafted paper. With a few printmaking skills I can guide you through a way to embellish your papers with your own colorful images in a personal exploration…with endless results derived from prints created during the workshop.

Maximum 10 participants







When: February 27, 2016  

What: Collagraph Workshop  9:00 am – 3:00 pm 

Where: Sebastopol Center for the Arts    

Fee: $140.00 + $20.00 for Materials (availabale at workshop)

Maximum 10 students

Riverbed 1

 Riverbed, Collagraph Print, 16 X 22 inches

Learn to build a collagraph printing plate with a variety of techniques to create a matrix for printing. The collagraph process involves relief and intaglio-style printing and is a versatile, explorative process. Explore painterly techniques using new and interesting ways to add relief textures to create layers and depth. Students come away with several prints. Non-Toxic.





When: April 30, 2016     9-3pm

What: Monoprint Workshop

Where: Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Fee: $140.00 + 25.00 for materials (available at workshop)

Maximum 10 students

Bridge to Eternity

Bridge to Eternity, Monoprint, 30 X 22 inches

Create colorful prints using templates designed and cut during class. Different inking techniques will be covered. Vibrant painterly results.





Email: jamitaback@gmail.com

Member California Society of Printmaker

Working artist at North Bay Letterpress Arts

Sonoma County Book Arts Guild

Ocean Ephemera


Pocket of Water (cover)

I wish I were a pocket of water
so the ocean could leave its treasures
in my keeping until
they are pulled back out to sea

I would return them all
from the seashell swirl
cuddled into the curve
of carved stone
like shoulder blades to lean on

Breathing in then swelling
waves gather

waiting for ocean ephemera to
buoy back to the tide pools

Workshops for All Ages


Bridge to Mars

Paper   Fusion

Learn a process of fusing several prints into your own uniquely crafted paper. With a few printmaking skills I can guide you through a way of embellishing your papers with your own colorful images in a personal exploration, with endless results derived from your own prints created during the workshop.

Bridge to Eternity

An Introduction to Monotypes

This one-day workshop explores some of the different means of making a monotype. We will cover painterly methods, trace monotypes and chine-collé. Participants should be prepared to experience the element of surprise and make a lot of prints!


Linocut Printmaking

During this linocut class we will be exploring in depth the process of carving a linoleum block. We’ll experiment with color mixing and composition. Create colorful multi-layered prints.

Assorted BoxesClamshell Boxes, Slip Cases and more

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, with lids, compartments and drawers. In this workshop you’ll learn the mechanics of folded boxes and create one of your own. We’ll discuss how to modify patterns for folded boxes and what papers and adhesives work best.

About the Educational Programs

Students of all ages and abilities are invited to explore fine art classes and workshops in an educational and supportive environment.
Don’t see the class you want? Comments welcome! Please let me know what you want to learn–email jamitaback@gmail.com

Integral to my mission is to educate our community about current practices in art through both an academic and hands on approach by offering year-round art classes and workshops to the public for both kids and adults. Workshops cover a variety of topics both traditional and non-traditional. I have a class for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced artist looking to broaden and enhance your talents.
Classes are affordable, fun, challenging. Courses include painting, drawing, printmaking, art history and much more. I provide the guidance and resources you need to bring your creativity and passion to life.


Riverbed 7

Having the unique opportunity to experience a new environment has caused a powerful shift in the way I see people, places and things. Once again reinventing myself- Since moving to California from New York, placement of the horizon has become unfixed. In New York it was far away and midway between water or land and the broad sky. Here the horizon is where the earth meets the riverbed, where there is a tangle of vines, lavender and anise nearby to bay leaf and sage. The fragrance helps me to feel comfort in my new surroundings. I have little history with these scents but their newness is now a familiar. Here I see the uneven path. I am walking along the riverbed taking notice of the winding twisting plants turning their leaves and buds. Low to the ground with my reflection-the reflection no one else can see. It is interior and protective.

Artist’s Statement 2015


East Coast Scapes: The horizon is midway between land and sky-or water and sky. The sensation of travelling out to sea in calm soothing waters overwhelms me. In these paintings I am exploring weather events out at sea. I am playing with the horizon line and arc of our planet. Fragments of light bouncing on the surface of the water, shattering upon impact. Floating out to that horizon is all I can think about.

Artist’s Statement 2002

New York Harbor.1